Native American Midget vs. Jared Leto

Article is from MTV Buzzworthy:

For a 40-year-old, Jared Leto leads the least boring life EVER. While most middle-agers are falling asleep watching “Law & Order” reruns, the babetastic rock star’s out late-night partying at a Skrillex concert with a little person dressed in traditional Native American garb. (Go ahead, read that sentence again.) Judging by this photo, there’s some seriously crazy ish going on at these shows — we want in. The 30 Seconds To Mars singer has some unique life experiences under his belt and documents his entire adventure on this blog, Notes from the Outernet. Recently he offered snapshots from the Skrillex show where he also reminded us that hot famous people can pretty much get away with anything, including fully rocking some sort of Wicked Witch of The West getup while wielding what is probably an illegal weapon. It’s totally OK to want to be Jared Leto — just get in back of the line.




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